French Drain Work
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We pick up again many months later after my father-in-law and I had removed the heating oil tank and I had placed the drainage pipes in the ground and buried them all the way up to the house. All that was left was to put in the french drain itself.

The picture above is after I had repointed the brick that would be below ground level and after I had applied an asphalt sealant and tar paper to the side of the house. I am draining the water from the trench before we start the work for the day. It's hard to see, but I'm standing on top of the pipe. I was very surprised at how well the pipe that I had buried drained-away the water.

Behind me you can see the second drain pipe that will be used to carry away the water from the gutter downspouts that I have lifted out of the way for the time being.

We buried two drainage pipes in the trench at two different levels. The lower level for the foundation drainage and the upper level for the downspout drainage. I didn't think it would be a good idea to have the foundation drainage and the downspout drainage in the same pipe.


We then lined the trench with a water permeable garden fabric (the grey colored fabric). Next we placed a pipe with slits cut in it and a nylon outer sleeve in the bottom of the trench and backfilled with about 5 tons of gravel.

The pipe in the foreground is the pipe that will be used to carry away the water from the downspouts. The pipe for the french drain is already burried by the gravel and you can see it coming out of the far end of the trench with it's white nylon outer sleeve.


After backfilling with the gravel, we folded the water permeable fabric over the top of the gravel and back filled the rest of the way with dirt. We also buried the second solid pipe (in the foreground above) for the downspout drainage.


Here you can see that we're just about done back filling and you can see both the lower and upper drain pipes.

The rod that is sticking up is a grounding rod that I had added when I discovered that the house was originally grounded to the waterlines in the house, but the last time they replaced the water main to the house they used plastic pipe, so in effect there was not grounding until I installed this and another grounding rod!

Later we moved the bushes on the right-hand side of the picture above out of the way and placed both pipes along the rest of the side of the house. Additionally we ran the downspout drainage pipe to the downspout from the front porch roof.


Another shot of the backfilled area. At the corner of the house, you can see that I went a little high with the brick repointing, because you can see that the mortor is a different color. I'm planning on getting some exterior paint matched to the color of the original mortor and painting the new mortor a matching color.

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