Jeffrey Alan Groves

Bill Perry and Jeff Groves
Photo by Martha G. Perry

The picture Above was taken with my brother-in-law Bill Perry (left) in Greensboro, NC in the spring of 1997.  

I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my wife Heather and our four cats
I am a member of the WorldCom SETI@home group. Seti@home has been an intense hobby of mine. It's a distributed computing project to try to find signs of radio waves from distant planets that aren't from natural origins.
The schools that I have attended over the years.

I got into a nostalgic mood one day and looked up the web sites of all of the schools that I've attended. I've got them all from Kindergarten to undergraduate.

My Extended Family. A funny picture that isn't really representative of my family, but was irresistable. - Spam reporting for the masses I hate SPAM and I turn it in as often as I can.
Take a look at the web page I put together at Exploris



A photo of Heather and I at the 1998 Quintiles Christmas Party. Heather was looking fabulous as ever, while I was looking a bit chunky at the time.
This was me at a golf tournament the spring of 1998. I got a great Sun Microsystems golf shirt, golf balls, and club towel out of this event.
This was taken while sailing off othe North Carolina Coast in September of 1997. This was soon after my first Outward Bound experience and Iwas still in pretty good shape.

Photograph by James Chapman
This was taken in 1997 at my parent's house in Greensboro, NC. 

I was trying to figure out when the Space Shuttle was going to pass over the house using STS Orbit Plus on my old WorldCom issue Compaq LTE Elite 475.

This is the picture from my old MCI Badge from 1996
This was me, a few too many Vodka Tonics in me, at Disney World's Adventurer's Club in November 1996. It was a costume party, and I went as Indiana Jones.

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