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  • - Wednesday 12 April 2006 21:30
    <b>gerotheman aka Geno Loro</b> Thank you so much for the pictures. My mother was born and raised in Bassano and my father was from Tezze sul Brenta. This picture may have been them years ago. Thanks so much.
  • - Sunday 29 January 2006 02:45
    So far Isaac has about the same color hair that I do and David has slightly lighter than mine -- almost light auburn color.

    Tune in later to see if it changes!
  • - Saturday 28 January 2006 22:16
    <b>Grammy Dawn</b> Isaac is a cute little bear too!
  • - Saturday 28 January 2006 22:14
    <b>Grammy Dawn</b> Isn't David a cute little bear!
  • - Monday 5 December 2005 10:32
    <b>Carol Ruth DeVore</b> Do I detect red hair?
  • - Wednesday 30 November 2005 23:38
    Isaac spent about a day and a half at another hospital due to the NICU at the first hospital being completely full. Isaac needed supplemental oxygen and IV for a while and was returned to the first hospital on Wednesday afternoon.
  • - Wednesday 30 November 2005 23:31
    Isaac Kepler Groves had already been transported to another hospital by this time due to limited space at Western Wake
  • - Wednesday 30 November 2005 17:16
    Heather and Dave first day
  • - Sunday 27 February 2005 11:29
    <b>Bill</b> Fort Point (on the left) was the last brick fort built in the United States. It comprises of over five million bricks and was the location that held the submarine nets during world war two
  • - Thursday 30 October 2003 15:18
    <b>merita ajro</b> that is so beutifull
    italy is my favoite place
    the clock is also nice