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  • - Thursday 30 October 2003 15:17
    <b>merita ajro</b> that is also an interesting about that building
  • - Monday 25 August 2003 23:13
    <b>Jeff G.</b> You're welcome Abbie, and we look forward to seeing you at the next reunion!
  • - Tuesday 10 June 2003 12:33
    <b>Jeff Groves</b> Heather Groves in green top.
  • - Friday 8 November 2002 00:04
    <b>Jeff Groves</b> If you couldn't find the eyes of a particular kitty cat in the other picture, try again in this one!
  • - Friday 8 November 2002 00:03
    <b>Jeff Groves</b> Who can find the pair of green shining eyes in this picture?
  • - Wednesday 16 October 2002 16:48
    <b>Jeff Groves</b> As you can see, the faucet really didn't reach the small sink in upper-left corner where the disposal is located. I had to move the facet to the right and move the sprayer all the way to the left.
    Additionally, Ken forgot to knock-out the plug in the disposal that allows the dishwasher to drain, so I also had to fix that glitch. We had to re-wash all of the dishes since they had been all washed in the same water until the plug was knocked-out. Bleah!
  • - Wednesday 16 October 2002 16:44
    <b>Jeff Groves</b> The faucet was installed so that it did not really reach the smaller sink where the disposal was installed. Additionally, Ken forgot to knock-out the plug in the garbage disposal that allows the dishwasher to drain. Oops!

    Jeff fixed both glitches in about an hour.